Although much has been attempted and achieved to bring about reconciliation and unity and to inculcate a sense of nation-building and social cohesion amongst the diverse and fragmented communities of South Africa since the advent of democracy in 1994, we sadly continue to be confronted with serious issues of racism; poverty; inequality; homophobia and xenophobia; violence and killings; greed, fraud and corruption; intolerance, etc.


And whilst there are many suggestions for what the real answer to all of this may be, when we listen closely, we will hear the resounding cry for uBuntu...the ONE big universal idea which can unleash our awesome ingenuity and inspire us to co-create a better tomorrow; a single-pivotal-idea with all the power to ‘move the world’ as Archimedes believed… a simple idea with enormous implications.


Anna-Mari Pieterse, Humanties Team SA


Humanity’s Team South Africa and TalkUbuntu have responded to the call of uBuntu. uBuntu IS Who We Are as human beings; inextricably part of the Cosmos. It is uBuntu that will and must help us achieve our common goals. Our ancient African Cosmology confirms this, and it is this and many other wonderful things about uBuntu that we would like to bring to the world. We want to participate in ‘the RDP of the Soul’ and the re-establishment of our broken connections.

Although there is much talk about uBuntu in society, a great number of people do not really understand what it means, how it works, how it is recognized and found in society, and how they could make uBuntu part of their everyday lives.

This is why we have created the uBuntu Keepers Program – first for the children, and connected with this, our uBuntu Keepers Program for Civil Society. We are creating a whole new generation of people who believe in uBuntu and who are the carriers of its torch!

I Am because We Are

I Am because We Are – We Are All One.  Confirmed in our Ancient Cosmology, uBuntu constitutes our Spiritual Heritage and identity and the original vision for South Africa, our continent, and indeed the whole world that has been passed down from generations to generations.  uBuntu celebrates both - that which we have in common, as well as our colourful diversities.  Since it thrives in togetherness uBuntu calls for the consideration of ‘the other’ through an open and expansive view on life and always serves the Greater Good.

Knowing One-self

The ultimate instruction for human growth and transformation is for us to know our self. To know ours self requires that we continuously invest energy into the development and cultivation of Consciousness that allows uBuntu to blossom in and through us for the benefit of the whole of society. uBuntu teaches us that everything exists in context to ‘the other’ and that personal transformation and personal renaissance translate into social transformation and social renaissance.

Law, Order and Justice

Tracing the origins of the values and principles that uBuntu has become so well known for we arrive in Ancient Egypt and the concept of Ma’at (the ancient Khemetic word for uBuntu). The universal principles of law, order and justice, and values such as love, truth, respect, peace, dignity, freedom, caring and sharing, freedom, responsibility, compassion, cooperation etc. all play a role in attaining and maintaining peace and harmony. uBuntu in fact is The Law.

Family and Community

uBuntu affirms family as the nucleus of society and reminds us that its wellness and wholeness has an effect on the entire civilization and the world.  uBuntu is Spirit in action, expressed in all spheres of life. It is evident in our caring and sharing and how we treat our children, the elders and our fellow human beings, and in how we govern and lead and treat the environment. uBuntu calls on us to be mindful of our humanness and our wonderful place in all of creation.


A personal invitation Dumi Magadlela PhD

Programme Manager, Coach & Facilitator: Pan African Capacity Building Programme.


tU Foundation (ABN)