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uBuntu Keepers Club (Be the change you wish to see in the world)

The development of young people and preparing them for adult life revolves around a great number of themes. With education at the centre, the themes include career choice and development, sport and recreation, personal growth and wellbeing, healthy expression, etc. As part of the greater community their development is also influenced by issues that have adverse impact on their schooling and daily lives such as: school bullying, HIV Aids, drugs and substance abuse, violence, poverty, sexual abuse, racism, xenophobia , etc.

With uBuntu at the centre of being human, our identity and our process of becoming, the uBuntu Keepers Club for schools provides the space where these important themes can be explored and where children can take responsibilty for the challenges of their school and community and the greater society.

The setting up and management of the uBuntu Keepers Clubs is a project that learners themselves are charged with. At the heart of the uBuntu Keepers Club is a basic understanding of uBuntu.


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Strengthening of Education, Youth Development and Life Orientation through uBuntu

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