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What if?  What if all the people of our country and indeed the whole world knew who they were through uBuntu and adopted uBuntu as a way of life?  When everyone dared to say: “uBuntu – I Am because We Are.  We Are All One,” what kind of people would we be and what kind of a world would we create? 


What if we found more and more ways to make this idea workable?


Although much has been attempted and achieved to bring about reconciliation and unity and to inculcate a sense of nation-building and social cohesion amongst the diverse and fragmented communities of South Africa since the advent of democracy in 1994, we sadly continue to be confronted with the struggle against our underlying sense of separation that is at the heart of the decay of the moral fiber in our people that manifests in questions around racism; homophobia and xenophobia; violence; greed, fraud and corruption; poverty; inequality; intolerance and many other examples of the ills of our society.

To bring about an impactful and lasting change can only be achieved by gathering a great number of people around a common vision and dream.

A dream and vision which all people…

of all colors,
social class, persuasion or groups

… can relate to, understand and embrace.

uBuntu is…

… not only our greatest (common) heritage,
… not only the (intellectual & philosophical) roots of Africa’s spirituality,

… but also the essence of our common humanity (we are one).

… a universal yet uniquely African worldview and philosophy (versus European concepts and/or ideas) as an instrument for social development, justice and peace.

uBuntu is…

… a worldview and a way of being (I am Because You Are)

… based on our inter-connected, inter-related and inter-dependent reality

… always moving forward towards achieving it’s (individual & collective) highest potential.

Ubuntu is...

… a powerful force to build and strengthen social cohesion

… to inculcate a deep sense and understanding of our humanness – our oneness

… to build, understand, embrace and to be our true national identity


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“Aside from the fossils that lie strewn from South Africa to Ethiopia and speak quietly of the African origins of all humanity, archeological finds also speak of our historic contribution to natural sciences, creative arts, human settlement and organization, and the universe of philosophy and spirituality.
As such Africa is the birthplace of uBuntu – the ancient spirituality, of humanity’s oneness with our Creator, ‘the other’, and nature.
Together with Humanity’s Team I dream of a new world, and a new humanity. A humanity that expresses its uBuntu: uMuntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu. I Am because We Are. We Are All One.
I encourage you to remember the magic of Who You Are.

Live to your Highest Potential and see the potential in others.

To celebrate the wonder of our diversity, and most importantly, to go and Be Who You Are. This is our common legacy.“

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu. 2010

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