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Together with Humanity’s Team I dream of a new world, and a new humanity. A humanity that expresses its uBuntu: uMuntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu. I Am because We Are. We Are All One.

I encourage you to remember the magic of Who You Are.
Live to your Highest Potential and see the potential in others.

To celebrate the wonder of our diversity, and most importantly, to go and Be Who You Are. This is our common legacy.“

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu.

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Thandi Lujabe Rankoe, uBuntu Keepers Patron, Former SA Ambassador, Writer, Activist

“Our kids are our greatest asset; they are resourceful and often know better than their teachers how to make use of new technologies and innovations to better their education.”

“Young people,” she says “have a wealth of, energy, enthusiasm, creativity and focus they could bring to any learning situation. By tapping into this energy, we do not only improve on education delivery, but empower young people to take charge of their own life's, to define goals for their learning and provide opportunities for ongoing self-evaluation and reflection.”


Strengthening of Education, Youth Development and Life Orientation through uBuntu

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